Our Shared Vision

Every child in Jefferson County should have a bright future in their career and community. Read our vision for the Schools Our Students Deserve.

Who We Are

We are teachers, parents, students and community members committed to public education, a publicly and fairly funded school system responsive to families and communities. During the campaign to Stand Up For All Students, we engaged the community in many different


Help us talk about, share and promote our vision and values so that we can all work together to create the Schools Our Students Deserve

What some are saying about the Shared Vision for the Schools Our Students Deserve:

"This shows that we are united in making our schools great. I am so glad to see that all voices matter and that we are moving towards regaining respect as educators. I think this will help parents and community members understand what we stand for and why public schools matter."

"It is very positive and I believe that educators and community members need hope for the future of children!"

"We have a tradition of excellence that must be maintained and defended."

"Teaching and learning in a district where this vision has come to fruition would be wonderful. I think it encompasses everything that supports strong schools, strong communities, and strong learners."

Working together to create the Schools Our Students Deserve